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Staying relevant, attracting new audiences, preventing thefts and recruiting volunteers are among the many challenges facing the varied group of bus museums that are dotted about the UK

Buried treasure

As interest in the riches beneath our feet soars, museums are ideally placed to dig deep into this renewed appetite for unearthing past glories. By Geraldine Kendall Adams

Never forget

The Holocaust will soon be beyond living memory, but museums are rising to the challenge of keeping the survivors’ stories alive to shine a light on this dark chapter of history. Geraldine Kendall Adams reports

We can be heroes

This year’s Museums Change Lives Awards paid tribute to the institutions and individuals that have made a truly heroic impact in their communities. John Holt talks to the winners

Hidden truths

Photographer and activist Red Saunders tells Simon Stephens the vision behind his Hidden Project, which shines a light on historic struggles for social justice