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Competency Framework

We are committed to developing the sector. We want everyone who works in and with museums to feel confident, competent and empowered to do their roles effectively, efficiently and with impact.

Our new Competency Framework has been designed to inform professional development, improve professional practice and support museums in making a positive difference to people’s lives.

The framework is grounded by the values needed to meet the potential of collections to connect with communities:

  • Inclusive – ensuring equitable access to opportunities and resources
  • Participatory – placing and valuing people at the heart of everything
  • Sustainable – ensuring the sustainability of museums, collections, communities and the planet
  • Ethical – ensuring ethical practice underpins the decisions and actions we take

These values have informed the overarching competencies to deliver inclusive, sustainable and participatory museums.

There are six competencies:

Within each competency there is a summary statement followed by individual competency statements that provide expectations of skills, knowledge and behaviours.

The framework is the foundation for Museums Association’s professional development programmes, and you will see them reflected in our online Museums Essentials programme, our AMA, the Fellowship, and in the content of our events programming.

This joined-up approach should more readily support reflection, development and assessment.

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