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How we are run

Our management and board

We are managed by a senior management team of four, who report to our board. Our board consists of up to 14 trustees, with eight elected by members and six appointed by the board. The board agrees strategy and is accountable to our members. Operational matters are delegated to our director.

Our senior management team

Sharon Heal

Sharon provides the strategic leadership and vision for the organisation and for the successful delivery of the our strategic framework.

William Adams
Deputy Director

Will is responsible for business strategy and trading activities, including membership, marketing, sales, website, directories and member communications.

Simon Stephens
Head of Publications and Events

Simon edits Museums Journal, oversees online editorial content and programmes the MA’s annual conference, one-day conferences and members’ meetings.

Neil Mackay
Head of Finance and Resources

Neil leads our finance, human resources, and information technology functions, as well as our trusts and funds.

Our board

Gillian Findlay

Gillian has been a board member since 2017. She is Curatorial and Engagement Manager at Edinburgh Museums.

Simon Brown
Vice President

Simon has been a board member since 2016. He is Curator at Newstead Abbey.

Mo Suleman

Mo joined the board in 2023. He is a chartered accountant and Finance Director at Bloc Digital.

Nivek Amichund

Nivek joined our board in 2021. He is the Chief Exhibitor at Historic Royal Palaces and a Trustee at Oxford House in Bethnal Green. 

Stella Byrne

Stella has been a board member since 2020. She is the Head of Investment for The National Lottery Heritage Fund in Northern Ireland.

Dianna Djokey

Dianna has been a board member since 2019. She is Learning Programme Manager at Aspex Portsmouth.

Tony Heaton

Tony joined our board in 2022. He is a sculptor, chair of Shape Arts, and consultant and advisor to many cultural organisations.

Sara Kassam

Sara joined our board in 2021. She is Sustainability Advisor at UK Sport.

Kathleen Lawther

Kathleen joined our board in 2022. She is a freelance curator and collections consultant.

Michelle McGrath

Michelle joined our board in 2021. She is the Head of Learning at Bow Arts and Founder of Museum as Muck.

Christine McLean

Christine joined our board in 2022. She is Head of Cultural Heritage & Wellbeing at OnFife.

Steve Miller

Steve has been a board member since 2019. He is the Director of Culture & Heritage at Norfolk County Council.

Rachael Rogers

Rachael joined our board in 2021. She is Museums and Arts Manager at MonLife Heritage Museums in Monmouthshire, Wales.

Michael Terwey

Michael has been a board member since 2020. He is Director of Public Engagement and Research at National Trust for Scotland.


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