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Redundancy Hub

Support and resources for people going through redundancy

Covid-19 has had far reaching effects within the UK. The lockdown restrictions and the temporary closure of many museums has had significant financial impact. Museums have been forced to review their strategic plans and programming to respond to the changes in visitor numbers and patterns. They have had to adapt delivery within reduced resources and all this has an impact of the workforce.

The sector has already seen redundancies made, redundancy consultations launched and more redundancy decisions to come and it is likely to continue over the coming months.

We want to support the sector to work within the Code of Ethics for Museums:

  • Abide by a fair, consistent, and transparent workforce policy for all those working in the museum, including those in unpaid position

Supporting all involved, those who are at risk of redundancy and those that have been made redundant. The leaders, managers and supervisors are involved in the decision-making communication, implementation, and management; and the colleagues, peers, and team-members.

We will share practical and professional support, continue to advocate for members and the sector, and signpost other organisations with a dedicated focus on redundancy or wellbeing.

Alongside this you can see our Redundancy Tracker to follow the latest situation in the museums.

If you have questions about the Redundancy Hub or the current situation in general then please email us via