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Wellbeing Hub

We are committed to supporting workforce wellbeing. Wellbeing can be defined as a state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy.

Covid-19 created additional issues that affected our wellbeing, both professionally and personally. Lockdown restrictions and the temporary closure of many museums resulted in an increase in working from home and staff being furloughed, often creating disconnection and loneliness.

The financial impact on museums has seen many move to redundancy consultations and decisions. For more specific information about redundancy, please visit our Redundancy Hub.

We want to support the sector to work within the Code of Ethics for Museums:

Abide by a fair, consistent, and transparent workforce policy for all those working in the museum, including those in unpaid position

We want the sector to mirror their commitments and actions to support wellbeing in their communities and support the wellbeing of those that work in and with their museum.

We hope these resources help individuals navigate these unusual times and provide guidance so that leaders, line managers and supervisors can create a wellbeing culture.


We want to ensure that our resources are relevant and accessible to everyone.

If you have any specific or additional requirements which would help you to access this wellbeing content, please contact Tamsin Russell, our workforce development lead, via tamsin@museumsassociation.org.