National Maritime Museum Cornwall set for redundancies

Museum will lose the equivalent of three full time staff

MPs call for Royal Photographic Society collection move to be halted

Concerns that Bradford’s NMM will also suffer from the loss of the International Film Festival

Funding overhaul needed to avoid cultural meltdown

Rebalancing Our Cultural Capital authors call for fundamental change

News analysis
 Museum services across UK jeopardised by funding cuts

The MA has called for a new taskforce to help institutions outside central London

Mining museums look to the future

The closure of the UK’s last deep-coal mine will necessitate a rethink
of the role of mining museums

Disaster planning under strain

Museums and heritage bodies are reassessing their emergency plans following this winter’s severe floods

Network created to support civic museums in England

Thirty museums join Civic Museums Leadership Network, set up to make case against funding cuts

Scotland hit by 11% culture funding cut

The draft culture budget means less money for museums, but there was relief that cuts were not deeper