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Five ways to instantly improve your CV

Getting your CV right is key to securing an all-important interview
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Caroline Butterwick

1. Join the club

Join the Museums Association (MA) as an individual member. As well as having access to Museums Journal and our professional development resources (see next tip), it can demonstrate your commitment to the sector and understanding of how it works.

2. Professional development

As an individual member of the MA, you can attend events at a reduced rate. Our free online Museum Essential courses will help you develop an understanding of key issues such as decolonisation and climate justice. These will help you demonstrate knowledge in applications.

3. Special interest groups

If you have a specific area of interest – such as technology, education or social history collections – seek out relevant professional networks and connect with people working in these roles on social media.


4. Identify your skills

If you don’t have lots of work experience, don’t despair. Spend time thinking about the skills you do have and how you can evidence this.

5. Language matters

The way you write your CV matters. Be professional and use language that resonates with the organisation’s priorities and values.

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