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Entering the sector

From postgraduate study to networking and volunteering – your guide to getting your museum career off to a flying start

The diversity of roles and disciplines within the sector make it an exciting and vibrant field in which to be involved. There are many different routes into the sector including postgraduate study, volunteering, internships and more. The articles in this section give you advice and information on these different opportunities and other invaluable advice and tips.

For many, a postgraduate course may be an attractive next step, whether straight after an undergraduate course or at any career point, to remain up to date, to diversify or to specialise.

Not all courses are the same, so it is important to explore the nature, style and focus of the course; speak to alumni or course leaders to help you make an informed decision.

Graduating with a lot of theoretical knowledge is not a guarantee of employability. To succeed, you will need a balance of theory and practical experience, so identifying courses that have a more practical focus or an embedded work placement or project can make all the difference.

For many, participating in a postgraduate course may not be an option. But there are other ways in which you can develop and grow. The MA has a comprehensive professional development programme that supports your growth, whether you want to join the sector or are already volunteering, freelancing or in paid employment.

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