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Conference 2024: The Joy of Museums booking open now – Book before 31 March 2024 for a 10% discount

Guide | How to set up a youth panel

Top tips for museums that want to work more closely with young people
Young people
The youth forum at Amgueddfa Cymru – Museum Wales has consulted on the redisplay of a portrait of general Thomas Picton

Be consistent

Young people often have complicated schedules, so last-minute changes or inconsistent meet-ups can result in lower rates of attendance. Building routine is key.

Go beyond your existing audience

Social media is a great way to target young people, but working with schools, existing youth programmes or employment organisations can open new connections. Having easy-to-find information and contact details on your website is also important.

Plan ahead

Safeguarding and accessibility are vital concerns when working with young people. When setting up a programme, consider potential hurdles. How will you stay in contact? Will you meet online or in person? What equipment will be made available? How will you collect personal data?


Pay contributors

If young people offer expertise, consult on programming or work at events, they should be paid accordingly. This makes programmes accessible to people from a wider range of backgrounds, who might not otherwise be able to afford to give up their time.

Read our guide to reimbursing participants

Avoid bureaucracy

Too much paperwork and complicated systems can deter young people from participating.

Evaluate properly

Gaining feedback from members and evaluating individual projects will help to improve things going forward, although face-to-face discussions may be better than filling in forms.

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