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Digital review | Virtual exhibition, Pan African Heritage Museum, Ghana

This virtual exhibition offers a thought-provoking and educational experience
Livi Adu
The website design recreates an authentic museum visit

The Pan African Heritage Museum enlightens visitors about the importance of preserving and showcasing underrepresented stories. It also holds particular significance during October’s Black History Month, since it amplifies African narratives, cultures and creativity.

By reclaiming and celebrating diverse voices from around the world, this immersive digital platform challenges traditional art historical canons and contributes to ongoing decolonisation efforts. It offers a virtual journey into the diverse histories and artistic expressions of the African diaspora.

The user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation ensure a seamless journey, catering to visitors of different ages and abilities. The website’s commitment to accessibility aligns with the evolving values of modern museums, fostering a sense of belonging and cultural enrichment.

It is built with the Kunstmatrix online software platform, providing a solid foundation for curating and presenting art in virtual space. For a fee, this feature allows access to a 3D catalogue of objects, enabling deeper exploration and analysis.

While the gallery tour is captivating, additional contextual information
about the origin, history and mythology behind the artworks would further enhance the visitor experience. The inclusion of links to external sites for further insights and resources could transform the website into an invaluable research tool for Black history and decolonisation worldwide.

The dynamic movement within the gallery, which allows visitors to spin and explore, adds a sense of curiosity and engagement, and replicates an in-person visit to a museum.

A close up of a digital museum shelf with tribal exhibits on display
A screenshot of a selection of artefacts

A standout aspect of the gallery is the option to request specific objects of interest, which caters to researchers and enthusiasts. For a fee, this feature allows access to a 3D catalogue of objects, enabling deeper exploration and analysis.


Digital innovations have revolutionised the inclusivity of museums and exhibitions and the Pan African Heritage Museum website exemplifies this potential, especially in terms of international collaboration. By embracing digital storytelling methods, the museum prioritises access and engagement, ensuring individuals of all ages and abilities can immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of African heritage.

The immersive design of the gallery evokes an authentic museum experience, from the wooden floors to the thoughtfully placed benches and meticulous layout.

Visitor engagement is further enhanced with the ability to zoom in on objects, alongside an audio tour that provides a good contextual narrative, combining to create a deeper appreciation and understanding of African cultures.

The Granaries of Memory exhibition is a particular highlight, offering visitors an exploration of the origins of humanity through ancient sculptures. Each object acts as a vessel of cultural significance, preserving the codes, science and symbols that have shaped our societies today.

This virtual exhibition powerfully illustrates the inseparable connection between art and life in Africa, offering a thought-provoking and educational experience for all museum enthusiasts.

Livi Adu is a neurodivergent and disabled freelance e-curator, specialising in digital opportunities for inclusive access

Pan African Heritage Museum, Build software: Kunstmatrix
Experience ****
It provides an immersive and accessible platform to explore African heritage, but there is room for more contextual information, more visual consistency and a payment system that works effectively.
Accessibility ****
It is designed with inclusivity in mind, offering an enriching experience for visitors, but there weren’t audio descriptions of the objects and sometimes the website experiences difficulty taking payments.
Intuitiveness *****
Kunstmatrix offers an intuitive user experience with its user-friendly interface and comprehensive management features for creating captivating online galleries.
Affordability ****
Entry to the museum is $10 for just 24-hour access. Kunstmatrix Pro costs between $12 and $60 a month but there is a great free version that allows you to build a gallery before publishing it.
Overall ****
The Pan African Heritage Museum leverages digital technologies to prioritise accessibility and engagement, enabling individuals from diverse backgrounds to connect with and appreciate the beauty and depth of African art and culture. Kunstmatrix is designed with inclusivity in mind, offering a seamless and enriching experience for visitors anywhere.

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