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Digital engagement with museums hits record high

Survey reveals 30% of adults have visited museum or gallery website
The number of adults engaging with museums and galleries online has hit a record high, according to the latest data from the ongoing Taking Part survey, which records levels of participation for the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS).

The survey showed that 30% of adults reported visiting a museum or gallery website, up from 16% when data collection began in 2005/06. This reflects a steady upward trend in digital engagement during that period.

Of those who had visited, 60% had done so to order tickets or find out about exhibitions and events and 45% to learn more about a particular subject.

But there has been a downward trend in the proportion of adults visiting to look at items from a collection, with just over one fifth citing that as their reason for visiting, down from 34% in 2005/06.

The Taking Part survey added new questions on museum or gallery websites from July 2011.

In this period, of those who had visited, 17% of adults did so to take a virtual tour of a museum or gallery, while 14% viewed or downloaded an event or exhibition.

The proportion of people visiting heritage websites has also significantly increased, from 18% to 31% per cent, the highest level reported since data collection began.

Half of those who visited did so to learn about history or the historic environment.

The survey continues to show record levels of participation with museums and galleries; figures released earlier this year for the 2011/12 period have shown that 52% of adults reported visiting a museum or gallery in that time, the first time the rate has risen over 50%.

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