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Share your storage stories

Museums Journal is looking for case studies on storage
Cabinets of ocean bottom sediment collections
Cabinets of ocean bottom sediment collections Trustees of the Natural History Museum

Museums Journal is looking to publish case studies on storage on its website and in a future edition of the magazine.

We are particularly interested in examples that share best practice advice on:

  • Opening up stores to visitors.
  • Working with schools, community groups and other interested parties to better understand what we have in our stores.
  • Work to reduce the environmental impact of stores.
  • Work to minimise the impact of the climate crisis on stored collections – such as an increased risk of pests or flooding.
  • Collective reviews focused on objects in storage.
  • Storage moves.

Case studies should be about 600 words long and seek to share:

  • Background information on the project.
  • The challenges you’ve faced (if applicable) and how these have been addressed.
  • Practical details such as budgets.
  • Your future plans.
  • Your advice to other organisations looking to undertake similar work.

Please include your name, job title and organisation (if applicable) in your case study.

Please email your case study along with high-res illustrative photographs to

We will publish selected case studies in Museums Journal online and in the July/August print edition of the magazine. Submissions remain open until further notice – please contact Rebecca Atkinson if you have any questions.

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