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Call for your community participation case studies

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Engaging with different community groups and under-served audiences is a cornerstone of museum work. The Museums Association’s Learning & Engagement manifesto calls on museums to develop “innovative models of engagement” and to ensure that partners are valued and fully engaged with the museum.

Museums Journal is looking for case studies that demonstrate the potential that community participation holds for institutions as well as individuals and groups – with a focus on passing on lessons and advice to other organisations.

We want to hear how you have developed and sustained partnerships, how these work in practice and whether these relationships have changed as a result of Covid.

Case studies should be about 600 words long and might seek to address the following:

  • Details of how you developed specific partnerships, including timeframes, briefs, budgets and evaluation.
  • The challenges as well as any positive outcomes.
  • What you would do differently if you were to repeat this work.
  • Advice you would pass on to other museums looking to develop equitable and sustainable partnerships with their communities.
  • Your future plans.

Please include your name, job title and organisation (if applicable) in your case study and any additional information such as external funding.

Please email your case study along with high-res illustrative photographs to

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