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An educational and sponsorship partnership that benefits both parties
Eimear Lewis
Titanic Belfast, the world’s largest Titanic visitor experience, has been working with the Survitec Group, a manufacturer of marine, defence and aerospace survival technology, as its education partner since 2014.

The partnership is fitting as the sinking of RMS Titanic changed maritime legislation globally, pioneering the importance of safety and survival. It aims to help future generations learn lessons from the tragedy in an innovative and interactive way.

Survitec benefited from the partnership in terms of: an annual allocation of complimentary admission tickets; VIP experiences; discounted usage of facilities; and its branding on display.
The partnership has also provided the company with an engagement platform for a corporate social responsibility and enables community outreach.

Titanic Belfast’s learning team and ocean exploration centre developed an interactive education workshop with Survitec Group called Abandon Ship, which aims to develop communication, problem solving, decision making and innovation skills among Key Stage 2 and 3 pupils. 

The workshop is designed around a scenario in which three vessels crossing the Atlantic along the same route as the Titanic must evacuate into real, inflatable Survitec liferafts, working together as a team to maximise their chances of survival.

With over 160 years’ experience in personal survival equipment, Survitec’s involvement was fundamental to the development of the workshop. The partnership also enables Titanic Belfast to further its education programme, a non-profit area of the business.

The partnership between Titanic Belfast and Survitec has been successful as it is mutually beneficial.

Clear objectives and benefits were outlined from the beginning and act as a guideline to the agreement for all involved. The key to its success is communication, so both organisations are kept up-to-date with how the partnership is developing and future opportunities.

Eimear Lewis is the business development officer at Titanic Belfast

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