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Bletchley Park, Milton Keynes

A partnership with cybersecurity firm McAfee
Claire Glazebrook
Bletchley Park in Milton Keynes, the codebreaking centre during the second world war, is known as the birthplace of computing through its links to IT and technology pioneers such as Alan Turing. 

Bletchley Park Trust, which runs the museum and heritage site, is committed to demonstrating how the wartime story has a direct relevance for today’s modern world, and this has prompted a five-year partnership with cybersecurity firm McAfee (now part of Intel Security). 

The collaboration came about as McAfee was looking for a community project to galvanise its engineering team in Aylesbury. McAfee in the US wanted to launch an online safety programme for children in the UK. 

The synergy was clear and teams from the two organisations have worked together to create a cyber security exhibition and learning zone, an online safety programme for schools and volunteering opportunities for McAfee staff. 

Future plans include online exhibitions, an electronic outreach programme and extending the partnership to encompass online safety for adults and businesses.

This was a major project for everyone involved, and the biggest single sponsorship that either organisation had embarked upon. From the outset, clear objectives and milestones were developed and built into the sponsorship agreement. A project team was set up to help shape the project and monitor progress.

Since its launch the exhibition has welcomed 320,000 visitors and 15,000 schoolchildren. Workshops in online safety have been delivered to 2,700 children. 

The partnership is making a real difference to children staying safe online and tools are in place to measure impact throughout the five years. 

Being adaptive and open to change has been an important part of the journey. This has taken an investment of time and expertise on all sides but the results speak for themselves.

Claire Glazebrook is the director of development at Bletchley Park Trust

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