Why I volunteer: Nikki Lam - Museums Association

Why I volunteer: Nikki Lam

Foundation for Art and Creative Technology, Liverpool
Interview by John Holt
“Part of my Executive MA qualification at the University of Melbourne is an internship in the arts sector so I was over in Liverpool helping to plan a series of events for Fact’s online ArtPlayer platform.

I also attended a few conferences and workshops to gain a better understanding of the models, expectations and funding structures of cultural partnerships in the UK.

There are so many things you can learn only by working within an organisation. It’s great if it’s a paid position but I think volunteering gives you more options.

Sometimes I have wanted to work with a particular organisation, only to change my mind after actually volunteering with them.

I think finding the right position in the right organisation takes a lot longer than people realise and luck and timing play a huge part.

I think the answer is to be patient, identify what you would like to do and make sure your voice is heard.

I’ve done a lot of volunteering and interning across Australia and Hong Kong but Fact has been the best experience so far.

I have now returned to Australia where, among other things, I am exhibiting my own work at Safari 2014 (14 March-4 April), which is a fringe event for the Biennale of Sydney.”

For further information on volunteering at Fact, contact recruitment@fact.co.uk.

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