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Why I volunteer

David Leek, RAF Cosford Museum, Shropshire
Interview by John Holt
“I help at the Royal Air Force’s Cosford Museum in many ways including restoration and conservation projects, events and fundraising and have been chairman of the volunteers since 1998.

Having worked in the motor trade for the last 36 years, I have a range of mechanical skills that have helped me understand how things work.

I am part of the team working on the Dornier 17, a German bomber that was recently recovered from the Goodwin Sands off the Kent coast, some 70-plus years after it was shot down during the battle of Britain.

Its historical importance is immense as it’s the only surviving example of a German aircraft that played a crucial role in the battle.

A great deal of work and fundraising was involved in bringing the Dornier to Cosford. So far, I have cleaned up equipment such as an oxygen regulator, a bomb rack and a pump assembly, all restored and looking like new after 73 years underwater and now ready for public display.

I also helped restore the main instrument panel on the museum’s Avro Lincoln, a British bomber from the second world war. The panel was made of alloy and was in a poor state so – under the museum’s instructions – we removed it, had it coated with a protective material and re-fitted it.”

For further information, contact sue.fitzsimmons@rafmuseum.org.

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