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Open all hours

This year's Museums and Galleries Month featured special events, late-night openings, torch-lit tours, live music and storytelling. As part of the celebrations, 50 museums and galleries also screened the blockbuster film Night at the Museum. Museums Journal sent writers to five venues to sample what was going on

London museums look at single plan

Representatives from the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (MLA), MLA London and the London hub, would like to see a single Renaissance plan for London for 2008-10, but they are not all in agreement about whether this can be implemented in time.

Museums Association signals change of direction on disposals

The Museums Association's (MA) plan to introduce a clause to its code of ethics that would allow financially motivated disposal in 'exceptional circumstances' as long as the money raised is reinvested in the museum's core collection, has met with opposition.

Property developer saves Explosion!

Explosion!, the cash-strapped museum of naval firepower at Priddy's Hard in Gosport, is to be taken over and managed by Verve Properties, a London-based property developer.

The end of an era: what have Tony Blair and New Labour done for museums?

Hopes were high among most people in the arts when New Labour came to power ten years ago. The preceding 18 years had generally been regarded as being a tough period for the arts. John Holden, the head of cultural policy at thinktank Demos, said of the landscape of the time: 'It was a very demoralised sector - the whole of the philosophy and rhetoric of government was very anti the arts.'