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Culture& and Sotheby’s launch scholarship programme

Initiative designed to develop next generation of diverse leaders in the contemporary art world
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Students at Sotheby’s Institute of Art
Students at Sotheby’s Institute of Art Kat Forsyth

Arts and education charity Culture& and Sotheby’s Institute of Art have created a scholarship programme designed to support the next generation of diverse leaders in the contemporary art world. 

The Cultural Leaders Programme is being launched in the autumn and will be fully funded, with the Sotheby’s Institute of Art committing to a 100% fee waiver for three scholarships over a three-year period (nine students in total). This will enable students to take one of the institute’s one-year, full-time master’s programmes. Each student will also receive a bursary to cover the cost of living in London. The courses available are Fine and Decorative Art and Design; Art Business; and Contemporary Art.

Errol Francis, the CEO and artistic director at Culture&, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Sotheby’s Institute of Art on this ground-breaking initiative to nurture the next generation of diverse talent. Extending the backgrounds of the students who study at this centre of excellence will bring fresh perspectives and creativity into the commercial art sector.

“This programme builds on Culture&'s ongoing work to open up the UK’s arts workforce and, for the first time, brings together the worlds of the charity sector and private education. We look forward to welcoming a new cohort of young people into the Institute’s esteemed academic community as we build a more diverse art world of the future.”

Course participants will also have access to the full range of Sotheby’s Institute of Art services to support student learning and wellbeing. They will receive tailored mentoring and networking opportunities, drawing on both Culture&’s and Sotheby’s Institute’s networks of professional and social support.

Culture& and Sotheby’s Institute of Art are looking for students who possess leadership potential, and will thrive within the contemporary art and commercial art world. All British permanent residents are eligible to apply. The Sotheby’s Institute of Art is particularly keen on candidates who are likely to be underrepresented in its student body, which include British people from Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds.

Applications will open in April for autumn entry. Further details about the MA courses can be found on the Sotheby’s Institute of Art website.

Sotheby’s Institute of Art was founded by Sotheby’s auction house in 1969. Culture& is a Black-led independent arts and education charity based in London.

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  1. Jason Finch says:

    Ok, let’s get this straight…

    Getting sponsorship from the “evil” oil and gas industry for exhibitions on Roman history is soooo wrong…

    But doing deals with art houses (who are more than happy to flog historical items that fund terrorism, allow money laundering of drugs money, etc) is ok without being challenged?

    Is it because the former is about bringing history to the masses and the latter about training people to go “look at the pretty bits of art. aren’t the artists clever, much cleverer than you the ordinary people!”

    Look, I’m not saying sponsorship from things like the oil and gas industry is good but if the museum/heritage sector is going to be honest, it has to look at deals it does with the auction houses and their spin offs, and go “is this any more ethical?”

    The MA does have an ethics officer (I assume it still does?) so why aren’t they in this article commenting on the possible ethical conflict in deals with such institutes as Sothebys in relation to the Code of Ethics?

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