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Mary Rose Trust unveils expansion plan

A 4D immersive theatre experience will open in Portsmouth in spring 2023
Digital Immersive
Dive The Mary Rose
Dive The Mary Rose

The Mary Rose Trust has announced plans to create a 4D immersive theatre experience that will be its biggest expansion since the purpose-built museum opened in Portsmouth in 2013.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the raising of the Mary Rose, one of two warships commissioned by Henry VIII. The new theatre, which will open in spring next year, will tell the story of the finding, excavation and recovery of the Mary Rose.

“Never in the history of the Mary Rose Trust have we undertaken such a monumental expansion,” said Dominic Jones, the chief executive officer of the Mary Rose Trust. “This is a world-class immersive experience not to be missed. 

“It is our ongoing vision to sustain the Mary Rose’s legacy and her collection as a leading museum. This expansion will kick start next year with us doing just that.”

The Mary Rose Trust is working with digital media company Figment Productions to develop the new experience, which will feature unseen footage that will be brought to life through the smells, sounds and movement from the raising of the Mary Rose. Visitors will be given 3D glasses.

Simon Reveley, chief executive officer of Figment Productions, said: “It takes a lot to grab the attention of audiences today, but heritage sites have a distinct advantage; the space to bring people together for shared experiences that they simply can’t get at home and that’s what this project is all about.”

Figment Productions has worked with the National Trust, Royal Opera House and Legoland in the past.

The Mary Rose Museum is at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, which includes a range of other museums at the dockyard and Gosport sites, including the Explosion Museum of Naval Firepower; the Royal Navy Submarine Museum; HMS Victory; HMS Warrior; and the National Museum of the Royal Navy.

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    This is one of the best museums in the UK, looking forward to seeing this.

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