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Queer Britain prepares to welcome visitors to King’s Cross site

UK’s first national LGBTQ+ museum to open with temporary photography display
The main gallery space featuring works from Welcome to Queer Britain display
The main gallery space featuring works from Welcome to Queer Britain display

The UK’s first national LGBTQ+ museum opens to the public on 5 May in King’s Cross, London.

Queer Britain is dedicated to celebrating the stories, people and places related to the queer community in the UK. It has the tagline “Let’s Make History”.

The museum is opening with Welcome to Queer Britain, a temporary display that introduces the charity and its mission. This features works from the museum’s growing photographic collection alongside a previous collaborative exhibition between Queer Britain, Getty Images and M&C Saatchi. There are also images from the 2019 Chosen Family exhibition, a collaboration with Levi's and the museum.

The Welcome to Queer Britain show runs for eight weeks as the team works on a new exhibition that will open this summer.

“This represents a hugely important step, as the UK opens the doors of its own national LGBTQ+ museum; the start of something beautiful,” said director and co-founder Joseph Galliano.

“We welcome all feedback from our visitors and see this opening before our debut exhibition as a real opportunity to connect with the public and what they want from the Queer Britain space so that over time we can truly shift and evolve.”


Queer Britain includes four galleries, a workshop, an education space, gift shop and offices for the museum team. The venue, which is fully accessible and free to visit, is open Wednesday to Sunday, 12-6pm. 

Established in 2018, Queer Britain’s space is being leased from the Art Fund, which is based in the building. The previous tenant was The House of Illustration, which is moving to a larger space. Queer Britain holds the tenancy for two years.

The Queer Britain archive remains accessible by appointment to the public and researchers at Bishopsgate Institute.

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