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Museums invited to join Scottish climate initiative

Project will engage the public in November's Cop26 climate change conference
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Cop26 is taking place at Glasgow's Scottish Event Campus in November
Cop26 is taking place at Glasgow's Scottish Event Campus in November Glasgow Life

Museums, galleries and other heritage organisations are being invited to take part in a project to engage the public in issues related to the Cop26 climate change conference, which is taking place in November in Glasgow.

Climate Beacons for Cop26 is collaborative scheme between climate change and environmental organisations and arts, heritage and cultural organisations across Scotland. The initiative is being run by Creative Carbon Scotland, which was created in 2011 to embed environmental sustainability within the arts and cultural sector.

The project will create six Climate Beacons made up of partnerships between cultural and climate organisations that will focus on different parts of Scotland. Creative Scotland and Museums Galleries Scotland are among the organisations already involved.

The idea of beacons is that they will use the shared resources and knowledge of cultural and climate organisations to provide spaces for conversations about Cop26 and climate action between members of the public, artists and cultural sector professionals, environmental NGOs and wider civil society, scientists and policymakers.

Cultural partners could provide the public engagement expertise and physical venue that will form the core of this activity while climate partners may provide technical expertise, knowledge and networks. Activities could include performances, exhibitions or participatory art projects as well as talks, workshops and discussions.

The deadline for expressing interest is 9am on 1 March. The project will launch the following month, with activity taking place in the lead-up to and following COP26, running up until July 2022. 


Subject to successful funding, Creative Carbon Scotland will support beacons to deliver their project activity. Partners, depending on their status and their own resources, may receive funding to cover artistic fees, staff time, travel and expenses and event costs. There is likely to be about £40,000 for each beacon. 

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