Museums Galleries Scotland removes match funding requirement

Organisation seeks to broaden access to its Small Project Fund
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Geraldine Kendall Adams
Applicants to the Small Project Fund run by Museums Galleries Scotland (MGS) will no longer have to raise 25% in match funding for their projects.
MGS found that the match funding requirement was a barrier to some organisations applying, and said it was dropping the requirement to enable a greater number of museums to access grants.
The Small Project Fund offers investment of up to £5,000 for small projects and programmes in museums.
MGS’ chief executive, Lucy Casot, said that, although there would be no requirement to supply match funding, the grant pot is not unlimited, and it is hoped that organisations will make reasonable financial contributions to projects when and where they can.
The changes to the fund will come into effect with the next round of the Small Project Fund, which will close on 26 September.
Museums that have any queries about the changes are advised to contact Gillian Simison, MGS grants development manager, on 0131 550 4115 or

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