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National Galleries of Scotland unveils Gaelic language plan

Venues to consider Gaelic impact from start of project planning
Alex Stevens
The National Galleries of Scotland (NGS) has released its second Gaelic language plan, acknowledging some weaknesses in implementing the previous document and outlining how it intends to position Gaelic "securely and sustainably" as part of its activities.  

A range of commitments in the new plan, which covers the period 2018-2023, include developing a Gaelic-language version of the NGS logo, beginning all museum tours with a welcome in Gaelic, and considering “Gaelic impact” at the start of project planning.

The document acknowledges that NGS was “not able to make as much progress as planned with some of our commitments” in its 2013-18 document, including the development of a bilingual logo and providing Gaelic alongside English on either temporary or permanent signage.

John Leighton, the director-general of NGS, said: “In this plan for 2018-23, we are building on the progress made under our first plan, and looking for new opportunities to promote and use Gaelic in the context of our work and our vision, ‘Art for Scotland: Inspiration for the World’.”

NGS has also committed to providing visitor information in Gaelic, continuing to host an annual week of workshops for Gaelic-speaking schools, translating teaching resources into Gaelic, including Gaelic events in its families programme, and developing a programme of Gaelic online content.

Any relevant public authority can be required to produce a Gaelic language plan at the request of the Bòrd na Gàidhlig, based on criteria in the 2005 Gaelic Language (Scotland) Act. Institutions submit Gaelic language plans to the Bòrd na Gàidhlig and receive feedback as part of the development process.

The NGS document therefore sets out what it calls the “reasonable and proportionate” contribution NGS believes it can make to delivery of Scotland’s overall National Gaelic Language Plan, “with a view to facilitating the use of Gaelic to the greatest extent that is appropriate”.

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