ACE consults on proposed outcomes for its 10-year strategy

Organisation seeks feedback on outcomes and how they can be achieved
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Geraldine Kendall Adams
Arts Council England has launched a survey on the proposed outcomes it has chosen to include in its next 10-year strategy, which will cover 2020-2030.  

It is also asking for feedback on the changes it suggests will need to happen in order for those outcomes to be achieved.
In a consultation document accompanying the survey, the arts council said: “[The outcomes] are intentionally bold, but they are neither fixed nor final - and we want to test them with you through this consultation.
“At this stage, we have chosen to focus on outcomes that describe the results we would like to see, rather than aims or goals, which would describe what we want to do. This is because we need to be clear about the impact we want to achieve over the next ten years.”
Drawn from evidence given by stakeholders and the public, the seven outcomes are:
  • England’s diversity is fully reflected in the organisations we support, and in the culture they produce.
  • Cultural organisations are dynamic, focused on the future, and relevant.
  • The creative and cultural lives of all children and young people are recognised and nurtured.
  • A nation that supports and celebrates culture and creativity of every kind.
  • People from every background benefit from public investment in culture.
  • England continues to increase its global reputation for the quality of its creative industries.
  • Creative R&D and talent development are flourishing.
The survey will run until 2 January 2019. The results will inform the arts council’s draft strategy, which will be published in spring of next year.

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