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Should UK museums open their doors to nudist tours?

Palais de Toyko in Paris hosts day for naturists
Patrick Steel
The Palais de Tokyo made the headlines earlier this month when it announced it would would host a day for visitors who wanted to look at the art while nude.

In partnership with the Paris Naturists Association, the art gallery invited nudists to leave their bags and clothes at the cloakroom before entering the exhibition Discorde, Fille de la Nuit.

Entry to the museum was free, but visitors were required to send written notice that they would be attending the day. The tickets sold out quickly, with 161 people attending. The day included a guided tour by a staff member, who was clothed.

Marion Buchloh-Kollerbohm, also the museum’s head of education, told The New York Times: “I am hoping the experience of leaving their clothes at the door will help them leave some part of their identity with it, and experience it with more openness.”

So should UK museums follow the Palais de Tokyo's lead and open their doors to nudist tours? Take part in our poll, and leave your thoughts in the comment box below.

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