IWM drops temporary exhibition charges for summer season

Museum installs smartcard donation boxes in place of admission charges
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Geraldine Kendall Adams
Imperial War Museums (IWM) is dropping charges to temporary exhibitions at its London and Manchester sites this summer to mark the end of the first world war centenary.

From July, IWM London and IWM North will host Making a New World, a season of “exhibitions, installations and immersive experiences” that will be free of charge for all visitors. The programme will explore how world war one has shaped today’s society.

A spokesman from IWM said: “We want to encourage as many visitors as possible to view and engage with our related season of events and exhibitions at no extra charge.

“We hope that this will encourage visitors to look at conflict from different perspectives, enriching their understanding of the causes, course and consequences of war and its impact on people.”

In place of admission charges, the organisation has installed smartcard donation boxes across all of its sites.

“These new donation boxes will make it easier for visitors to help support our important work,” said the spokesman.
“IWM will continue to review the pricing of our future seasons of programming following Making a New World.”

Tickets to IWM London's current temporary exhibition, Age of Terror: Art Since 9/11, cost up to £15.

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