Reports highlight impact of museum lates

After-hours events generate significant ticket income
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After-hours events in museums and galleries generate nearly £10m of ticket revenue a year, according to Culture24, which produces the annual Museums at Night festival.

Culture24 has published three linked reports into late events at museums and galleries and their role in the night-time economy.

The reports estimate that £9.6m of ticket revenue was earned from 8,000 after-hours events. A 5% year-on-year growth on this would earn an extra £7.7m over five years.

The reports are: A Culture of Lates, a report funded by Arts Council England; An International Culture of Lates, supported by the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, which funds UK citizens to travel overseas on research trips; and Late Like A Local, supported by online rental service Airbnb.

The reports look at the scale of after-hours museum and gallery openings and events in the UK; why venues do, and don't, open after hours; what kinds of events they offer; where the hot and cold spots are in the UK and more about the role lates have in the context of night-time economy issues.

"We can use these reports' findings to support museums to programme many more high-quality events and ensure that UK museums develop their programmes to play an increasingly important role in the UK's growing night-time economy," said Nick Stockman, the Museums at Night campaigns manager.

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