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Titanic Foundation launches tourism development plan

Project will build on Titanic Quarter's existing heritage offer
Titanic Foundation, the charity set up in 2007 to preserve and promote Belfast and Northern Ireland's maritime and industrial heritage, has unveiled plans to further develop the Titanic Quarter's tourism offer.

The Titanic Quarter Destination Plan identifies 12 projects under three core themes - connectivity, visitors and heritage. Projects include the creation of an "outdoor museum", the development of a Maritime Mile to link the waterfront from Donegall Quay to the tip of Queen's Island, and the continued preservation and restoration of the area's heritage assets.

Over the past 10 years, the Titanic Foundation has helped develop Titanic Belfast, which has welcomed more 4 million visitors since opening in 2012. The £77m visitor attraction was designed by architect Eric Kuhne and Associates, while Event Communications did the exhibition design. The Titanic Foundation has also taken ownership of the SS Nomadic, the Tender to the Titanic, and incorporated it into the Titanic Belfast experience.

"Our organisation has been at the forefront of delivering some of the most iconic maritime and industrial heritage projects in Northern Ireland,' said Nicky Dunn, the chair of the Titanic Foundation. "While we celebrate these key successes with key stakeholders and supporters who helped us realise, deliver and implement these projects, we wanted to use this pivotal moment in our organisational history to set out the possibilities and options for the long-term development of Titanic Quarter as a tourism destination.

The Titanic Quarter Destination Plan was developed with input from Belfast City Council, Belfast Harbour Commission, Tourism NI, Titanic Quarter, Odyssey Trust and a range of organisations on the Titanic Quarter Destination Forum.

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