Museum of Immigration and Diversity opens to the public for Refugee Week

Museum usually open to pre-booked groups only
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The Museum of Immigration and Diversity will open to the public on Sunday 25 June, to celebrate the end of Refugee Week.

The museum, at 19 Princelet Street in east London, which is usually only open to pre-booked groups, will be open to the public from 2-6pm this Sunday. Entry is free.

The Museum of Immigration and Diversity was founded in 1983 and is housed in a building dating to 1719 in the heart of one of the most historically diverse parts of London.

The museum is looking for an estimated £4m to renovate the venue and open to the public permanently.

The museum hosted an event for the Great Get Together last weekend to commemorate the death of politician Jo Cox. Group bookings to the Museum of Immigration and Diversity are possible by pre-arranged appointment all year round.

Susie Symes, the chair of the trustees for the Museum of Immigration and Diversity, said: “Many of my co-volunteers have fled conflict in other parts of the world. Our aim is to use the past in all its aspects to better understand the present and so to shape a better, safe and equal future for all our communities here in the UK.

“Our team is diverse and inclusive. We range from anthropologists, artists, young schoolchildren to economists.

“Some are newly arrived refugees, some long settled nationals, but as volunteer educators we all bring our disciplines and our own stories to share with visitors, and to stimulate dialogue between individuals and communities around some of the defining issues of our age: immigration, refuge and identity.”

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