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The Gordon Highlanders Museum faces closure

Slump in oil prices has hit Aberdeen museum's corporate offer
Nicola Sullivan
The Gordon Highlanders Museum in Aberdeen is at risk of closure if it can’t raise additional funds.
The museum, which holds the collections of the former British Army regiment the Gordon Highlanders, has launched a fundraising appeal to raise £300,000 over three years. The museum has seen an 18% increase in visitors to the museum since 2014, and a 61% boost to income generated from admissions.
According to a statement on its website, the museum has suffered from the slump in oil prices, which means there is less demand for the services and events it provides for oil and gas firms. The museum’s main source of income comes from hosting corporate events, such as conferences, training days and dinners.
“In three years our income here has reduced by almost 60% and our profits by nearly 80%," the museum said in a statement. "For 2016 we expected this income to at least remain static and not deteriorate further. Instead we had a cruel shock – 2016 has been twice as bad as 2015, which until then had been our worst year," said the statement.

“Our investment in improved facilities for our corporate clients has not made the difference we hoped. We do not expect to be back where we were in 2014 before 2020.”

The Gordon Highlanders existed from 1831 to 1994, at which time it was joined with the Queen’s Own Highlanders to form the Highlanders.
The Gordon Highlanders Museum holds an extensive collection related to the former regiment, which includes uniforms, silver, weapons, textiles, art and a vast archive of papers, diaries and documents, as well as over 4,000 medals and 11 Victoria Crosses.

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