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British Museum unveils Google partnership

More than 4,500 objects from the collection are online
The British Museum has joined forces with the Google Cultural Institute (GCI) to offer a number of tools for people to access the London institution’s collections, it was announced this week.

More than 4,500 objects from the British Museum can now be viewed online and digital visitors can also virtually walk through the museum’s galleries using indoor Street View footage.
The partnership has also involved a series of virtual exhibits. These include Celtic life in Iron Age Britain, a tour of Celtic material from collections across the UK, and an exploration of the main themes of Egypt: Faith after the Pharaohs, an exhibition that is at the British Museum until 7 February.

Lastly, there is the Museum of the World, a microsite that uses the Google Chrome internet browser. Objects from the collection are mapped to a timeline so users can explore and make connections between the world’s cultures.

The site uses Web Graphics Library technology, a tool for building 3D graphics into a web browser. Amit Sood, the director of the GCI, said the aim of the institute was to help museums increase their audiences, online and physically.

“We are not trying to replace physical visits to museums – the more people are interested the more they want to come a see the real thing,” Sood said.

“We want to keep experimenting with museums to show the content they have in interesting ways.”

The GCI launched in 2011, and it now has more than 800 partners from over 60 countries.

The British Museum previously worked with the institute on a project related to its Sutton Hoo collection.

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