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More cuts for museums in spending review

DCMS to be cut by 8%, ACE by 5%
Patrick Steel
Whitehall sources indicate that the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) will receive an 8% cut to its budget, while Arts Council England’s (ACE) budget is likely to be cut by 5% when the government announces its spending review on 26 June.

Peter Bazalgette, ACE’s chairman, was quoted in The Guardian as saying: "The Treasury and the chancellor have listened very carefully to a case given with great vim and passion.

“5% is a real result within the DCMS overall cut. It's still of course going to require some tough decisions, but it is a good result for the arts council and the DCMS in the way that they have put the case."

The arts council was asked to model cuts of 5%, 10% and 15%. An ACE spokeswoman said that the model was “very crude, and not definite”, but a 5% cut might reduce the number of national portfolio organisations in receipt of grant-in-aid from 696 to around 400-450.

Sources said it was likely a 5% cut to the arts council's budget would also see a 5% reduction in Renaissance funding for Major Partner museums.

Mark Taylor, director of the Museums Association, said: “This cut, on top of the previous ones, pushes some national museums in England close to the tipping point where large areas of their work will have to be abandoned and facilities closed down.

“It will also impact on Renaissance funding and may reduce the number of Major Partner museums.”

The announcement follows cuts in 2010 to DCMS' core budget from £1.4bn to £1.1bn and cuts of 50% to its administration, then a further £34m in cuts to its core budget in December last year.

There will be a parliamentary debate on the importance of the arts and creative industries on 19 June.


We said over 700 organisations. There are 696 NPOs. Details of impact on Major Partner museums added.

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