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Sunderland museums withdraw from TWAM

TWAM to renegotiate £4.8m Major Partner funding
Patrick Steel
Sunderland City Council has withdrawn from its agreement with Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums (TWAM), forcing TWAM to renegotiate its £4.8m Major Partner funding with the arts council.

From April, Sunderland’s museums will be managed by the new Sunderland Museums and Heritage Service, combining site operations, customer services, and the development of a programme for exhibitions and educational work. TWAM will continue to manage Sunderland’s archive service.

Currently 29 TWAM staff are based in Sunderland, not all of whom are full time. The change of operation of the museums will constitute a transfer of undertakings and protection of employment (TUPE) process, so staff covered by the TUPE regulations will transfer their employment to Sunderland City Council.

Details of the new heritage service, and its management team, are yet to be confirmed.

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