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DCMS funding to sponsored bodies and Renaissance cut by 15%

DCMS announces funding allocations following spending review
Patrick Steel
The Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has announced cuts of 15% for all national museums.

Renaissance in the Regions

It will also cut the Renaissance in the Regions programme by 15% over the same period, to £45.567m in 2011, £44.725m in 2012, £44.050m in 2013 and £43.914m in 2014.

Arts Council England

Arts Council England (ACE) will receive an overall cut of 29.6%, from £387.728m in 2011 to £349.392m 2014, a total, in real terms, of nearly £350m. The DCMS has asked that ACE does not cut funding to its regularly funded organisations by more than 15%. Arts minister Ed Vaizey said the DCMS would also ask that ACE reduce its administration costs by 50%.

It is widely expected that ACE will inherit many of the functions of the Museums Libraries and Archives Council (MLA), including Renaissance, when the MLA is wound up in April 2012. Vaizey said a decision on this had not yet been made, but the body that inherits the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council's functions would receive a separate administration budget.

Local authorities

The chancellor George Osborne announced that local authority budgets would be reduced by 7.1% each year for the next four years. Museums are discretionary services for local authorities.

National museums

The government will maintain free entry to national museums, and capital projects at the British Museum, Tate Modern and British Library will go ahead.

The government will also allow national museums to access their reserves to a total of £143m over four years.

English Heritage

Funding to English Heritage is to be cut by 32% over four years, from £114.742m in 2011 to £96.962m in 2014.


The DCMS has seen its core budget cut from £1.4bn to £1.1bn over the next four years.

The DCMS will move out of its headquarters in Cockspur Street by the end of the financial year. It is widely thought that the department will move to Buckingham Palace Road, where it will share with the Department for International Development.

(Story updated: 12:15, 21.10.2010)

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