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Bradford recruits Hayton

Hull's culture chief awarded Bradford job in restructure
Patrick Steel
Bradford's leisure and culture department has appointed Brian Hayton, former head of cultural, leisure and sports services at Hull City Museums and Art Gallery, to the new role of assistant director (culture services).

Hayton will be responsible for museums and galleries, theatre, arts and festivals, and libraries, as the council restructures its services.

He described the move as a "promotion in every way", as he will have a bigger budget, more staff and greater responsibility. "Bradford is twice the size of Hull," said Hayton. "The authority is keen on culture and is plainly going places in cultural terms."

In the restructure, seven head of service posts in the leisure and culture department, including the head of museums, galleries and heritage, were replaced by three assistant director roles that will oversee cultural services, leisure, and strategic support.

Jane Glaister, Bradford's director of culture, tourism and sport, said all the former heads of service had been "afforded an opportunity to apply and go to interview".

Two of the three posts have been filled, with Tim Hirst in the role of assistant director (strategic support). Glaister aims to have filled the post of assistant director (leisure) by Christmas.

After the third appointment, Glaister said the next step would be to discuss with the assistant directors the structure beneath them.

As Museums Journal went to press, it was unclear whether Mark Suggitt, formerly the head of museums, galleries and heritage, would stay at Bradford.

In Hull, Hayton's successor is being sought. His attempt earlier this year to move Hull City Museums and Art Gallery to trust status was "put on the back burner" as "there wasn't sufficient political support to carry it through".

Patrick Steel

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