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Ronald Grant Cinema Museum is facing closure

Lease of "Aladdin's cave" terminated by NHS trust
Felicity Heywood
The future of an independent cinema museum with a collection amassed over 60 years has been thrown into jeopardy after its landlord terminated its lease.

The Ronald Grant Cinema Museum, which opened in south London in 1986, must vacate its building by March after its landlord, an NHS trust, decided to rationalise its assets.

The museum's founder and co-director, Ronald Grant, spent his childhood working with a projectionist in Banchory, Aberdeenshire.

The collection, which has been described by co-director Martin Humphries as "an Aladdin's cave" of film paraphernalia, dates from 1898. "The likelihood of finding premises within months is slim," said Humphries. "We are in real difficulty now and need help."

Felicity Heywood

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