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Share your case studies about online retail

Museums Journal is looking for practical examples of how to run a successful online shop
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Rebecca Atkinson

Online shops are an obvious way museums can boost their income, with sales accounting for between 5% and 50% of total retail revenue depending on the size and profile of the institution.

Sharing good and new practice is an important part of Museums Journal, and we are looking to publish case studies from museums and other heritage bodies about how to set up and run a successful online shop.

Case studies should be approximately 600 words long and seek to address the following:

  • The background and role of your shop
  • Details of how the shop is run
  • Tips on how to make online retail work in the museum sector

Please include your name, job title and organisation (if applicable) in your case study, and any additional information such as total online revenue and sales figures.

Please email your responses to the above, along with a high-res photograph to accompany your case study, to


We will publish case studies in Museums Journal online and in future print copies of the magazine. Submissions remain open until further notice – please contact Rebecca Atkinson (email above) if you have any questions.