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Trading Places

Museums have been working hard with their counterparts overseas to give an international dimension to this year's anniversary of Britain's abolition of the transatlantic slave trade. Patrick Steel reports

Shaping the past

Maria Amidu has achieved a lot during her time as the head of a national project to help people understand the slave trade, but is now keen to return to more grassroots work. By Felicity Heywood

Pop Culture

Paul Lilley tells Simon Stephens about the challenges of creating the British Music Experience from scratch

Risky business

Insurance raises questions about risk, responsibility and the value of collections that are at the heart of what museums do. By Katrina Burroughs

Share value

Museums and galleries are making their resources go further by sharing skills and knowledge, writes Rebecca Atkinson

Acquired knowledge

Art Fund director Stephen Deuchar tells Simon Stephens about his passion for collecting and the way forward for museum acquisitions.

On the waterfront

Julie Finch, the head of Bristol's Museums, has high hopes for a project that will tell the city's history. By Simon Stephens. Photographs by Phil Sayer

New horizons

As museums and galleries in the Middle East continue to expand, Deborah Dunham looks at how their staff are being trained and developed