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Britain’s reluctant museums

This month the National Trust celebrates the centenary of the acquisition of its first major historic property. But what does a curator do with a collection that is spread over 150 locations and an inventory bigger than several British Museums put together, asks Maev Kennedy

Return of the native

Could knowledge repatriation, a system of international cultural exchanges, offer a way out of the problems of returning objects to their countries of origin, asks Andrew Burnet

Medicine man

Ken Arnold tells Felicity Heywood why ideas are at the heart of London's newly opened Wellcome Collection, a £30m venue that aims to connect medicine, life and art

Out of the ashes

Of all the cities devastated when Yugoslavia broke up, Vukovar was one of the worst affected. Jane Morris visited the Croatian town to see how its museums are making sense of recent history

The antiques roadshow

If the punters won't go to the museum, then the museum must go to the masses. Aaron Davies catches up with the mobile museums

Experimental thinking

Science centres claim they are so under-resourced that closures look like a real possibility. But is more government funding a magic formula, asks Rachel Souhami

Seeking the Sikhs

Felicity Heywood meets the man whose mission is to make sure that Britain's Sikhs are part of the UK's cultural and historical map

Ringing the changes

Kevin O'Flynn on how a British Council initiative is helping 12 of Russia's poorly resourced and understaffed regional museums to work together

Home truths

It seemed that a clash between Henry Moore's daughter and the foundation set up to protect his legacy would prevent the sculptor's home ever becoming a museum. But time and goodwill has made the project possible, says Serena Davies

Death wishes

Your museum has been left a great collection of old master paintings in a wealthy benefactor's will - what fantastic news. Or is it? Katrina Burroughs on the difficulties that bequests can create

Trade routes

Richard Benjamin tells Felicity Heywood why Liverpool's new International Slavery Museum needs to challenge bigots and give people of African descent a sense of empowerment