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Human Interest

Eastern Zambia is renowned for its amazing wildlife, but its remarkable archaeology is less well known. Deborah Mulhearn reports on efforts to create a heritage centre to display the area's two million years of human history

Cashing in

Businesses and individuals are giving more money to museums and galleries than ever before, but most of it is sucked up by London-based institutions. Carol Davis on the difficulties of corporate fundraising

Casting around

The public's appetite for downloading audio and video files from the internet is growing fast. Jeff Morganteen looks at the implications of podcasting for museums and galleries

Reach for the stars

Many museums are looking to planetaria to bring in the crowds, but are these state-of-the-art attractions more about entertainment than science? Dea Birkett finds out

Making the net work

Public money has been pouring into online cultural projects for some time now, but a lack of an overall strategy means much of it has been wasted. James Morrison investigates

Top Gun

Richard Smith is passionate about tanks, so landing a job as the director of a museum dedicated to them is a dream come true. Felicity Heywood hears about his plans

Safe from harm

They are threatened by everything from hurricanes to terrorism, but public museums in the US are struggling to adequately insure their collections. Jamie Lewis investigates

Value judgements

In an attempt to get their fair share of public funds, museums have long been trying to find ways to prove their worth to government. So could the concept of public value be the answer, asks Julie Nightingale

Peace divided

The Nobel Peace Prize has inspired the creation of a centre in Oslo that looks at how conflicts affect people around the world. With the latest award to be announced this month, Roland Lloyd Parry reports from Norway

Homeward bound

Next year's unveiling of the New Acropolis Museum will reopen the debate about whether the British Museum should return the sculptures from the Parthenon. Tom Flynn reports

The big idea

Dea Birkett hears how the organisers of the Big Draw have overcome precarious financial support to stage one of the UK's largest annual museum events