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A sellers’ market

The Museums Association is re-examining its disposal guidelines for the UK, but in the US there is growing disquiet about the more liberal deaccessioning practices, writes Jane Morris

Letters: MJ July 2007

Questioning human remains comments I read with interest, though some disquiet, Piotr Bienkowski’s comment and analysis concerning the Human Remains …

Ethics: benefactors

The MA's code of ethics requires museums to 'Recognise the interests of people who made, used, owned, collected or gave items in the collections' (7.0), and, on occasion, personal objects are requested for return by stakeholders. How would you approach a claim for the return of an object with personal significance to the donor, in contrast to claims for generic items?


Thinking about who we are Having just read your article, Who do we think we are? (Museums Journal August 2007, …

One at a time

The distinct strands that arise out of multicultural narratives are important, argues Abigail Walker

Antediluvian attitudes

Scientific museums need to deliver the facts of evolution effectively if they want to counter the doctrines of creationist institutions, writes Stephen T Asma

Ethics: Conservation

Alterations, additions and partial destruction of an artefact can tell us a lot about that object’s historical significance and social …

Dodgy dealings

Jonathan Wallis questions the ability of current legislation to combat the illicit trade in cultural property