Vox pop | How can we make sure culture has a higher profile in climate policy? - Museums Association

Vox pop | How can we make sure culture has a higher profile in climate policy?

Three experts respond to our question
Climate crisis
Sara Kassam
Board members, Museums Association

“Be confident in this space. Culture is key in helping people understand the climate crisis and their role in creating better futures within planetary boundaries. Organisations can be more vocal about this role, as well as talking about the credible action they should be or are taking themselves. Policy is about people and knowing that science and technology alone won’t create positive change – this is where culture can act as a bridge.”

Elizabeth Wilde
Policy officer, Network of European Museum Organisations

"Building a high profile begins with building confidence. In our recent survey, we found that museums already involved in networks were more likely to be more active in sustainable development and climate action. Cultural heritage institutions operate in a public space between art and science and are therefore uniquely suited to discuss complex challenges and present opportunities for creative engagement and reflection. Taking agency of our potential and acting collectively with our peers will better illuminate the potential of the sector."

India Divers
Policy officer, Museums Association

"Museums are uniquely placed to raise awareness about climate change, champion change in their communities, and encourage audiences to take action. Therefore, increased communication between museums, policy-makers and funding bodies is needed to create a more cohesive approach to developing and delivering climate policies. The recognition of the impact of climate change on the loss and damage of cultural heritage at Cop27 was a huge milestone.”

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