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Vox pop | What object would you put in the Museum of Brexit?

Lorry banners and Bollox to Brexit stickers: which artefacts best represent Britain’s departure from the EU?
Roz Currie
Islington Museum

“The lurid yellow Bollocks to Brexit sticker. Familiar to anyone living in London over the 2016 Brexit referendum, the stickers decorated every lamppost. The slogan reflects the howl of despair from those who voted to remain in the EU. In Islington this was 75%. The impact of Brexit is difficult to measure for the people of Islington. Many EU citizens have left. Racist assaults have increased. The economic effects are still filtering through and are difficult to distinguish from Covid’s impact.”

Damian Etherington
Museum and cultural development manager, Hastings Borough Council

“It’s not so much what the Museum of Brexit collects, but how it collects and contextualises things. The challenge is breaking free of the expectations (and demands) of the trustees behind the project. I would like multiple perspectives represented, showing the complexity of the issue and why it’s been so divisive. An independent curatorial panel could advise on collections and interpretation, as one means of putting distance between political pressures and balanced collecting and programming.”

Simon Hayhow
Director of development, Scottish Fisheries Museum

“While Brexit divided the UK, it has always been clear which side the fishing industry has been on. After the deal was struck, there was anger and disappointment at the failure of the deal to exclude all EU vessels from the six to 12-mile zone. Things came to a head in January when 24 lorries, mainly from seafood exporters in Scotland, severely disrupted traffic in Whitehall and Parliament Square. So my object would be a lorry banner displaying the slogan ‘BreXit Carnage’.”

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