IWM launches war and conflict institute

Aim is to bring together academic research and public engagement
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IWM hopes its new institute will create a better public understanding of war and conflict
IWM hopes its new institute will create a better public understanding of war and conflict

Imperial War Museums (IWM) is hoping to encourage a deeper understanding of war and conflict through an institute that was launched this week.

Described as an innovation hub, the initiative is designed to bring together academic research and public engagement. The IWM Institute has been developed through a two-year pilot phase.

“When global issues feel insurmountable, it’s tempting to turn away and switch off, but the work of the IWM Institute enables us to go beyond the headlines to really explore and understand the impact of war on people and on the way we lead our lives,” said Gill Webber, the executive director of the IWM Institute. “Based on rigorous research into war and conflict past and present, the IWM Institute will offer new, accessible and engaging ways of making sense of the world today.”

The launch of the institute sees the roll-out of a new strand of programming, as well as the unveiling of plans for new research services, initially digitally and at IWM London. Further plans for IWM Duxford and IWM North will follow.

IWM projects next year include a seven-part podcast series exploring conflicts around the world; an annual lecture that will kick off with David Miliband, former UK Foreign Secretary and now CEO at International Rescue Committee, examining the global refugee crisis; and a continuation of the Hindsight monthly online talks, which will cover genocide, the relationship between war and natural resources and how history will remember the Covid-19 pandemic, among other topics.

IWM is an Independent Research Organisation, which means it is can compete for funding from UKRI (UK Research and Innovation), usually in partnership with universities.

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