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Creative sector asked to help register young voters who care about climate

Registration drive for people aged 18-30 
People working in the creative industries are being asked to help mobilise young voters ahead of the registration deadline today. 
The #ItsOurTime campaign, which is politically neutral and was established to support the creative industries to tackle the climate crisis, is asking creative professionals to use their skills to encourage people aged 18-30 to register to vote in the 12 December general election. 
According to the campaign, 70% of this age group believe climate change is a huge threat and want to make a difference, but a third aren’t registered to vote.
The campaign’s website says: “This is an open challenge to the creative industries to mobilise the two million people aged 18-30 who care about climate, will be most affected by it and are not registered to vote. 
“It’s our time to use our creativity and influence for change.”
Employers within the creative and cultural sector are being asked to send an all-staff email urging their employees to register to vote. Email and social media templates, logos and banners are available on the It’s Our Time website. 
Designers, film-makers, technologists and influencers are invited to create shareable images, gifs, videos and data visuals that can be spread on social media. Work can be created and shared using the #ItsOurTime and #MakeClimateCount hashtags. 
The campaign adds: “If young people who care about climate aren’t registered, their voices won’t be heard. Politicians need to know that people are registering to vote because of climate change.”
Voter registration closes at 11.59pm on Tuesday 26 December.  

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