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Free guide to university museum courses

Your guide to developing a career in museums
Patrick Steel
The Museums Association (MA) has published a free guide to university courses in the UK for those looking to develop a career in museums, galleries and heritage sites.

The guide includes listings of UK universities providing a wide range of courses from an MA or PhD in museum studies to an MPhil in archaeology or MBA in creative industries management.

It also includes articles looking at how the higher education landscape for museum studies has evolved, advice on choosing the right course, and tips on how to get your career in museums started.

Caroline Storey, the MA's marketing officer, said: "The MA's courses guide is a fantastic resource, in which you can find a range of museum, heritage and gallery related courses offered throughout the UK.

"Aside from course listings the guide also includes an overview of the sector and lots of extra helpful information to help you take your learning a step further and develop a career in museums."

The print guide will be available as a free supplement with the March edition of Museums Journal, and is also available to download free below.

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