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Arts council unveils Museum Resilience Fund details

The £30m fund opens for applications tomorrow
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About £30m will be available over the next three years from Arts Council England’s (ACE) Museum Resilience Fund, which opens for applications tomorrow.

The aim of the fund is for museums to become more sustainable. It is designed to complement ACE’s £22.7m annual investment in Major Partner Museums, the £3m a year Museum Development Fund and the £5m spent on national programmes such as Accreditation and Designation each year.

The Museum Resilience Fund, which replaces the Renaissance Strategic Support Fund, has a budget of £10m in 2015-16, with similar amounts expected to be on offer for 2016-17 and 2017-18.

“The Museum Resilience Fund does what it says on the tin,” said John Orna-Ornstein, the director of museums at ACE. “It’s the less sexy stuff that is so important in underpinning the sustainability of museums moving forward.”

Orna-Ornstein said the arts council has tried to take away as many barriers as possible in terms of who can apply by lowering the limits on minimum grants, number of visitors and turnover.

“It really should be open to the vast majority of museums,” Orna-Ornstein said. “Another change is that the fund is open for projects that last up to three years, which recognises that resilience is not built in a day.”

Grants can range from £20,000 to £300,000 and applications can be made by partnerships. Subject Specialist Networks will also be allowed to apply for the Museum Resilience Fund.

Major Partner Museums or national museums cannot apply, except for projects that support a Subject Specialist Network or another network for sharing expertise and advice.

Applications for the first round of the Museum Resilience Fund must be made online by 5pm on 6 November.


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