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Simon Stephens

Simon Stephens Head of Publications and Events, Museums Association

In the fast lane

Whether it's speeding about on a motorbike or taking on a new work challenge, Joanne Orr, the CEO of Museums Galleries Scotland, says she has always enjoyed taking risk

Trust status

Being chairman of the National Trust has not stopped Simon Jenkins from speaking his mind. By Simon Stephens

On a new mission

After spending her whole career at the BBC, Jenny Abramsky has a fresh challenge as chairwoman of the Heritage Lottery Fund. By Simon Stephens.

Holding court

After ten years at the Galleries of Justice in Nottingham, Tim Desmond is expanding the work of the museum further afield. By Simon Stephens.

Opening this month

Wave goodbye to the analogue television signal in Manchester and celebrate typeface in Cheltenham. Simon Stephens looks at this month's new exhibitions

Opening this month

Simon Stephens surveys a selection of the eye-catching shows opening across Britain in the next four weeks

The Braid, Ballymena, County Antrim

The Braid could certainly not be accused of lacking ambition, but the museums service will have to work hard to ensure it's used to its full capacity, writes Simon Stephens