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Making an individual wellbeing plan

We define wellbeing as the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy. Wellbeing is affected by our experience of life and our experience of work.  

Our 2022 research into workforce wellbeing highlighted the key factors that affected individual wellbeing, as well as what organisations have put in place to support their workforce.  

We developed 10 recommendations, and three specific recommendations for those working with communities to improve sector wellbeing. 

We did not include actions for individuals, as we felt that all too often the responsibility for workforce wellbeing is levelled at the individual, rather than addressing cultural, structural and resourcing deficits.

We stand by this, but we also know that taking control and utilising your own agency can have positive effects. 

This individual wellbeing plan supports your reflection about your personal wellbeing and it can help you identify the areas of your work that are having the most significant impacts on your wellbeing. It can then help you look at what you can put in place to address those impacts, as well as helping you think about what others can do to support you.

You can download a template for your individual wellbeing plan at the bottom of this page.

The individual wellbeing plan belongs to you but can be used as a tool to help you and your manager or client have open conversations about your health and wellbeing.

In addition to the questions in the individual wellbeing plan template you may wish to reflect on the following to help you think about your access to support and care: 

  • Do you know how to access health and wellbeing support at work when you need it?
  • What can your manager or organisation do to improve access to this support?
  • What can your client do to make this support available to you?
  • What can your manager or organisation do to create a culture of care?
  • What can your manager or project manager proactively do to support you to stay mentally healthy at work?
  • What can your manager or organisation do to create an inclusive culture for you and to recognise the diversity you bring to the workplace?
  • How can your manager or organisation support you to work flexibly to maintain a good work-life balance? 

For more information about understanding your wellbeing, do browse our other resources in the Wellbeing Hub.